"When you have an active relationship with the Infinite You—your Divine Soul—nothing can hold you back."

It's time to release and transform old baggage. Get the inner peace you crave so you can manifest cleanly and clearly what you truly want from your Divine Soul level.

If the Law of Attraction isn't working for you like you want...


You've scoured the globe for deeper meanings into all of the information that is out there, hit your head up against many walls, and still just can't seem to make things click for you in the way you desire.


You're not alone.


What they are not telling you is that your Inner Critic has been holding you back.


Your Inner Critic likes to keep you in the same subconscious patterns, repeating the same patterns over and over and over. It's maddening to be stuck in that loop with what seems like no way out.


You don't have to struggle any longer.




Your Divine Soul Is Ready

And WaitingTo Shine.

And your Inner Critic is ready to go on permanent vacation! 



When you Meet The Infinite You - your Divine Soul - your Inner Critic gets to go on permanent vacation. Let your Divine Soul become the driver in your life.



Then you're ready for the trip of your life!



When you let your Inner Critic go and let your Divine Soul take over as your true guide, you:

  • Get back in touch with your own innate power and really use it on subtle levels that count in big ways.
  • Understand how the different aspects of you can work together for your highest good.
  • Learn a powerful meditation technique that’s simple and helps you produce concrete results. Use it as a stand-alone meditation or together with your current meditation technique.
  • Resolve the struggle between your wants and not-wants.
  • Discover where you’ve been misusing your natural power, and then shift into using it for your highest good.
  • Make friends with your Divine Soul (the Infinite You). Let Her/Him guide you in recognizing the root cause of any past conditioning that holds you back. No more living as a bonsai tree version of you.
  • Use the power of Unconditional Love (aka Divine Light Vibrations) to easily and gently transform that past conditioning into personal illumination, emotional freedom, and courage to follow your dream(s). Live with confidence and peace in any situation.
  • Take your current spiritual practice to deeper levels of understanding.
  • Learn how to keep focus and direct Divine Light Vibrations to manifest whatever it is you want—and are willing to have—in your life.
  • and much more!


In short order, you'll discover first hand how AMAZING you truly are. And you'll live life accordingly. Your Inner Critic will drift away into permanent vacation. Your Divine Soul knowing will become your guide. You'll become your biggest fan.


It's Time To Meet The Infinite You!

Here's Everything You Get In The Meet The Infinite You - 8 Step Master Roadmap To Personal Freedom Online Program:

Step 1. How To Ignite Your Curiosity

    • Curiosity is the key during any step of your spiritual transformation process. Without it, you might as well sit and watch re-runs of your own life.
    • Recognize when you've got real curiosity on your side... and when  lip-service curiosity is sending you down the wrong path.
    • Begin to raise the quality of the vibrations of Divine Light moving through you. Use them to transform the negative self-talk of your Inner Critic. Manifest cleanly and clearly whatever you choose to focus on.

    Step 2. How To Use (and not abuse) Divine Light Vibrations

        • Why what you ‘think’ is so vital to the reality you create for yourself.
        • The challenge: Let Divine Light Vibrations do the work. The reward: Fuller, richer, cleaner manifesting.
        • You’ll continue doing the Basic Activation of Divine Light Vibrations Meditation, but now, you’ll add on a layer of learning how to let the vibrations of Unconditional Love transform past conditioning into illumination.

        Step 3. Your Divine Soul Gold

            • The nature of your Divine Soul.
            • Discovering Her (His) vibrational name.
            • Learn how She (or He) has always been guiding you through your whole life.
            • Adding to what you’ve learned so far, you’ll now consciously allow yourself to work in TANDEM with your Divine Soul’s presence and guidance.

            Step 4. Your Stubborn Ego-Intellect

                  • What is your ego-intellect and how did it get so obstinate?
                  • No more fighting with your ego-intellect's Inner Critic once you get what's really going on. When past conditioning holds you in check, now you'll know what you do.
                  • While in meditation, you’ll learn to give your ego-intellect so much love, it’ll come to accept a new way of processing information about you and the possibilities of the world you live in.

                  Step 5. Make Your Subconscious a Friend Not Foe

                        • Your subconscious is the culprit of all those not-wants getting mixed in with what you do want.
                        • Learn to recognize when your subconscious is creating unnecessary conflict.
                        • While in meditation, use Divine Light Vibrations to transform any and all conflict into illumination. 


                        Step 6. Three Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening 

                              • Learn to recognize where you are now in general.
                              • Learn to recognize where you are in any given transformation.
                              • When you need to let go and when you need to stay firm.


                              Step 7. Hearing Your Divine Soul's Vibrational Voice

                                    • Hearing your Divine Soul’s “yes” is the first step to understanding her vibrational communication.
                                    • How to test your understanding.
                                    • Learning to play with it.

                                    Step 8. Going Deeper (Because the Deeper You Go the Richer the Flow)

                                          • How your Divine Soul’s communication is unique to you.
                                          • Discover how to pose questions to your Divine Soul Knowing.
                                          • Know how to recognize answers to your questions.


                                          Powerful Meditations

                                                • Divine Light Vibrations Activation Meditation
                                                • BONUS: Going To Sleep Meditation
                                                • BONUS: Between The Notes Meditation


                                                SO.... YOU'RE AT A CROSS ROADS.

                                                You're ready to:

                                                • Meet the Infinite You. 
                                                • Live with more emotional freedom.
                                                • Be free from past limitations and old hurts.
                                                • Courageously go where you've never gone before... with infinite Love.

                                                And you want to:

                                                • Go at your own pace
                                                • Have my teaching at the touch of your fingertips anytime, anywhere your phone, tablet, or computer is with you.
                                                • Let me talk to your subconscious while you sleep for deeper integration.


                                                You can either spend $1600 working with me 1-on-1 OR you can...



                                                Get started right here. Right now.

                                                Only $275!

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                                                Hear What Others Have To Say About Meet The Infinite You:

                                                “ I didn’t know how to clearly listen and hear my inner voice despite all the techniques I already knew and practiced. Now I recognize and listen on deeper and deeper levels to the voice of my Divine Soul—my only true Teacher and Guide, the Essence of Pure Light. ”

                                                Anna Morandi

                                                Lightworker, Singer, Artist

                                                “ I have to say it really works. I mean I feel like a million bucks here, almost glowing, plugged in and really charged with an almost child-like feeling. ”

                                                Liam Roper

                                                English Teacher in Korea and Reiki Master

                                                “ I'm now writing, creating and living with freedom. ”

                                                SJ Lehoven


                                                “ I released a chronic stomach condition caused by a relationship that I no longer wanted. Asking for transformation into illumination, I was able to hear what I truly wanted… and allow it to manifest. ”

                                                Alessia Porro

                                                Co-founder of The Mercantile

                                                “ Every step has had its own sense. Sometimes I wanted to run away from what I knew all too well. Unconditional Love (Divine Light Vibrations) gave me sensations of security and safety as it moved through anger and incomprehension, and then to tears and joy of release. ”

                                                Luisa Furlani

                                                Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner

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