It's Time To Remember Your

Divine Soul Purpose And Mission.

  • The tools you'll need, to get to your Divine Soul Knowing and the full expression of your glorious Light.

  • Mistakes to avoid, how to spot them, and how to send your Inner Critic on permanent vacation.

  • Shorten your memory curve, and say hello to your Divine Soul in all your glory.

  • A visual roadmap, to help you see what the roadmap to connecting with your Divine Soul is all about.

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  • Spiritual growth basics from my deeper teachings so you can get started on your personal process.

“Every step has had its own sense. Sometimes I wanted to run away from what I knew all too well. Unconditional Love (Divine Light Vibrations) gave me sensations of security and safety as it moved through anger and incomprehension, and then to tears and joy of release.”

Luisa Furlani

Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner

“I didn’t know how to clearly listen and hear my inner voice despite all the techniques I already knew and practiced. Now I recognize and listen on deeper and deeper levels to the voice of my Divine Soul—my only true Teacher and Guide, the Essence of Pure Light.”

Anna Morandi​

Lightworker, Singer, Artist

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